Your Dream Super Mario Wedding

Hi! I have had incredible opportunities to help create Nintendo themed weddings all over the world. I want to share with you a recent order I custom created for a wedding in Puerto Rico. I created the patterns and helped make this bride’s Super Mario dream wedding come to life!

Bride : Large Super Mario Keepsake Toss BouquetNintendo-Bride-Bouquet

Groom : Tiny Pocket Fire FlowerNintendo-Fire-Flower-small-1

Maid of Honor : Green Yoshi Egg Bouquet – Assorted sizes Nintendo-Yoshi-Bouquet-edited-1

Best Man : Single Green Yoshi Egg Pocket FlowerWedding-Single-Yoshi-Egg-3

Bridesmaid No. 1 : Invincibility Star Bouquet – Assorted sizesInvincibility-Star-Bouquet-1

Groomsman No. 1: Single Invincibility Star Pocket FlowerGrooms-Invincibility-Star-3

Bridesmaid No. 2 : Red Super Mushroom Bouquet – Assorted sizes Nintendo-Wedding-Red-Mushroom-1

Groomsman No. 2 : Single Super Mushroom Pocket FlowerNintendo-Single-Red-Mushroom-3

Bridesmaid No. 3 : 1 Up Mushroom Bouquet – Assorted SizesNintendo-Green-Mushroom--4

Groomsman No. 3 : Single 1 Up Mushroom Pocket FlowerNintendo-Single-Green-Mushroom-1

Bridesmaid No. 4 : Ice Flower Bouquet – Assorted sizesNintendo-Wedding-Ice-Flower-Bouquet

Groomsman No. 4 : Single Ice Flower Pocket FlowerNintendoIce-Flower-Single-5

Father of the Bride : Pocket Red Yoshi Egg Flower Nintendo-red-yoshi-egg-2

Ring Bearer : Hand embroidered Mario Cloud PinSuper-Mario-Cloud-Pin

Godchild : Hand embroidered Bullet Bill Pin Super-Mario-Cloud-Bullet-1

Feedback from the Bride

Feedback-Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.59.05 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.59.13 AM

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