Nintendo Dream Wedding Feast in Sweden

Such a beautiful couple! Mr. and Mrs. Linder are two game developers living in Sweden. Mr. Linder found me on Etsy and shortly after that, we began creating their Nintendo themed dream wedding feast! It turned out fantastic! I love it! Thank you so much for the opportunity and best of luck to you both!!

Here’s what they had to say:

“Hi Allison, thank you sooo much for helping us with our wedding. Your flowers were very appreciated by everyone at our wedding! We gave away a few to friends and family and saved some for ourselves. I send you these two pictures of how we decorated the tables and a photo of me and my wife as a thank you again for all your hard work.
Again. we could not have been more happy with the flower bouquets, so… Thank you!

We wish you good luck in the future!
Mr & Mrs Linder”

Sweden-Wedding-2-edit Sweden-Wedding-3-edit SwedenWedding-1-edit


Your Dream Super Mario Wedding

Hi! I have had incredible opportunities to help create Nintendo themed weddings all over the world. I want to share with you a recent order I custom created for a wedding in Puerto Rico. I created the patterns and helped make this bride’s Super Mario dream wedding come to life!

Bride : Large Super Mario Keepsake Toss BouquetNintendo-Bride-Bouquet

Groom : Tiny Pocket Fire FlowerNintendo-Fire-Flower-small-1

Maid of Honor : Green Yoshi Egg Bouquet – Assorted sizes Nintendo-Yoshi-Bouquet-edited-1

Best Man : Single Green Yoshi Egg Pocket FlowerWedding-Single-Yoshi-Egg-3

Bridesmaid No. 1 : Invincibility Star Bouquet – Assorted sizesInvincibility-Star-Bouquet-1

Groomsman No. 1: Single Invincibility Star Pocket FlowerGrooms-Invincibility-Star-3

Bridesmaid No. 2 : Red Super Mushroom Bouquet – Assorted sizes Nintendo-Wedding-Red-Mushroom-1

Groomsman No. 2 : Single Super Mushroom Pocket FlowerNintendo-Single-Red-Mushroom-3

Bridesmaid No. 3 : 1 Up Mushroom Bouquet – Assorted SizesNintendo-Green-Mushroom--4

Groomsman No. 3 : Single 1 Up Mushroom Pocket FlowerNintendo-Single-Green-Mushroom-1

Bridesmaid No. 4 : Ice Flower Bouquet – Assorted sizesNintendo-Wedding-Ice-Flower-Bouquet

Groomsman No. 4 : Single Ice Flower Pocket FlowerNintendoIce-Flower-Single-5

Father of the Bride : Pocket Red Yoshi Egg Flower Nintendo-red-yoshi-egg-2

Ring Bearer : Hand embroidered Mario Cloud PinSuper-Mario-Cloud-Pin

Godchild : Hand embroidered Bullet Bill Pin Super-Mario-Cloud-Bullet-1

Feedback from the Bride

Feedback-Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.59.05 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.59.13 AM

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