My Moo Pig – Huggable, Lovable Felt Artworks

Check out this awesome write up on Moo Pig by Maribel at EightTreeStreet!

Eight Tree Street Blog

Last year I discovered My Moo Pig on Etsy, an adorable boutique of handmade gifts, felt toys and homespun decor.  I just love dropping by every now and then to take a peek at the  Mario Bros. Fire and Ice flowers, as well as their playful felt designs and handmade gifts which can work magic added as room decor.  I asked designer Allison Nichols if we could learn a little bit more about her  My Moo Pig.  She has an extraordinary eye for detail, and I truly enjoy her whimsical collections.

At My Moo Pig, you can find something for everyone and every age.  The toys are age appropriate for babies and toddlers, but older kids will get at kick at the lovely Mario Bros gamer inspired Flowers.  Little girls will surely invite little sweet  Ms. Green Tea Bag to the fanciest of tea parties, and new characters…

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